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Sakura Template

A branded eCommerce platform that moves at the speed of culture

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Sakura is a eCommerce brand based on London, UK. One of our latest projects was to develop a new responsive, multi-language website.


Dec, 2017


Suke Agen­cy


Digi­tal Design

The Challenge

The chal­lenge was cap­tu­ring their col­la­bo­ra­tive ethos by crea­ting these indi­vi­dual touch­points in a way that felt and beha­ved like a cohe­sive sys­tem. Part of that was desi­gning and buil­ding a web­site to accom­mo­date the vir­tual community.

The Approach

Our approach was to present the site as a visual edi­to­rial plat­form with quar­ter­ly fea­tures based on events and occa­sions the brand was focu­sed on. Each quar­ter­ly focus would be mar­ked by the hero and cus­tom tags that fil­ter content.

“The website and tools you’ve given us are killing it in lead generation, and our AdWords click-through and conversion rates are going great”

Suke Tran
Freelance Designer


After launch, brand inter­ac­tion across all social chan­nels increa­sed. The brand went from having a few hun­dreds of thou­sands of fol­lo­wers to over a mil­lion in just a few months.

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